RTA launch ‘Smart Track System’ for testing drivers

For the first time worldwide RTA launch the smart track system that marks the debut of 4th industrial revolution technology.

RTA launch 'Smart Track System' for testing drivers

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is all set to roll out a revolutionary Smart Track system for people looking to apply for driving licences in Dubai.

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The system titled as ‘smart track’ employs a slew of latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve operational efficiency and road safety.

“The Smart Track system heralds the deployment of smart and integrated solutions on all driver-testing vehicles in Dubai. A part of driver-testing automation process, it provides an integrated link with an array of smart solutions and other sophisticated smart technologies,” Abdullah Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency stated.

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RTA outlines that the Smart Track system that highlights the efforts in support of the government drive to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world wide.

The smart system aims to develop a smart app for road testing and link it with telematics solution to improve operational efficiency. Roads and Transport Authority also aims for improving traffic safety by polishing driving skills and establishing a platform for direct follow-up of testing processes and intervening in case of potential risks.

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