Sci-tech must for development in the modern world

A two-day international conference concerning on electrical, communication and computer engineering held at Swat organized by the University of Buner in collaboration with Sarhad University aimed modern world development in Sci-tech.

Sci-tech must for development in the modern world

Many proficient experts, academicians, scientists and engineers from 20 different countries take part in the international conference and share their research findings and innovative ideas for better interest of the world communities.

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Dr Mohammad Farooq, project director at University of Buner, put light on the significance of the conference. He said that progress in science, engineering and information technology was must for development in the modern world.

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“The less developed countries need to focus on acquiring advanced technology in every field of life,” adding that students needed such conferences to get firsthand knowledge.

On the occasion, Dr Saleemur Rehman, the vice-chancellor of Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology; Dr Khalid Khan director of Dost; and others foreign and local scholars shed light on various aspects of their research areas in the conference. About 130 research papers were presented in the conference.

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Students and young scholars get practical knowledge on research and discoveries of the developed nations in the event to excel in the field of emergent science and technology.

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