Italian’s integrate 5G network inside buildings

The 5G technology is on the cutting edge of cellular networks. Seeing this, researchers and technology developers from the University of Bologna and communications company JMA Teko used 5G network inside buildings.

Italian's integrate 5G network inside buildingsThe basic idea behind the 5G network inside building is to have the capacity to run industrial robots and guide automated assembly and production lines that must be precisely synchronized.

Raffaele Barberio, director of Key4biz said, In this way, the use of 5G networks is not just better than 4G but also superior to wireless-fidelity, or wi-fi, systems that are used to allow devices to communicate and coordinate.

“The 5G network inside buildings are a unique way to take advantage of the frequencies that allow very high concentrations of devices to be connected with very fast speeds, with more capacity, shorter delays, and more stability than would have seemed possible a few years ago,” Remo Ricci, chief executive of JMA Teko.

Much of the worldwide focus on 5G networks has been on the impact they will have for personal mobile phone usage but the main value of 5G networks will be their industrial and commercial use as it has the immense potential and much deeper and wider than any previous generations. 

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