Dr. Azeem won the GM’s 2018 Boss Kettering Award

Dr Azeem Sarwar prognostics and real time mitigation of battery voltage fault researcher at General Motors (GM) recognized as winner of the the highest internal recognition for technical innovation 2018 “Boss Kettering Award“.

Dr Azeem won GM's 2018 Boss Kettering AwardThe Boss kettering award is the General Motor’s highest award that recognizes truly outstanding innovations and inventions. As this award underscored the importance of innovation as one of the core values of general motors (GM) company.

General Motor started awarding their annual Kettering awards to engineers and scientists within the company to honor the top technical innovations of the previous year.

For a year 2018 Boss Kettering Award, thirty-eight finalists were considered and among these only ten were chosen as award recipients by the global selection team.

The enthusiastic and the esteemed engineer Dr Azeem Sarwar received this year’s 2018 award because of his admirable service in the significant technical innovation and invention.

He served as a role model for everyone at GM, displaying his full spirit towards innovations and his commitments devoted to lead the General Motors in the 21st century.

Dr Azeem won this 2018 Boss award that clearly paves the way for the future. He stated that,

“From a childhood fantasy of building Knight Rider to getting recognized for the top innovation award at the No. 1 US auto manufacturer – absolutely thrilling, yet humbling.

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