Huawei unveils operating system named HarmonyOS

Huawei officially disclosed and confirmed that its new operating system named HarmonyOS will be taking over from Android on the Chinese tech giant’s devices.

Huawei unveils operating system named HarmonyOSIn China, the OS will be called HongMeng, but to those outside of the Asian nation, it’ll go by HarmonyOS. Huawei Operating system will, in fact, work on smartphones as well as home devices.

Huawei has been working on its new operating system since earlier this year when a ban was placed on its use of, and collaboration with, American hardware and software companies.

Originally, Huawei stated that its new OS would work best on home devices, but extending it to work in its smartphones is now something the OS will be capable of as well. 

Harmony will be deployed first in Huawei’s smart watches, smart screens, smart speakers and other devices, including “in-vehicle systems.” Devices that use Harmony will be integrated with each other.

The company’s Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu also shared the information that the OS could be ‘deployed’ and used at any time, which is handy if Android is no longer accessible to Huawei devices

It’s still unsure when and if Google will fully remove the use of Android on Huawei harmonyOs, but if it does happen, at least we now know they’ll be ready for it.

Just like Apple does at WWDC, Huawei also revealed details about the next iteration of its phone software, EMUI 10. (EMUI is Huawei’s modified version of Android which, as above, the company will stick with for now.)

EMUI10, which will ship with the upcoming Mate 30 phones, will also focus on cross-device compatibility, and will be able to integrate with smart TVs, laptops, cars and even drones.

Calls received by an EMUI 10 phone can be answered through a smart TV, for instance, and your phone screen can be beamed onto a laptop display. 

“With software, we are combing the laptop and the phone into a new device,” Wang Chenglu, said Huawei’s software head.

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