Gaming service ‘GeForce Now’ levels up for android

The cloud computing got more competitive as Nvidia confirmed at Gamescom 2019 that GeForce Now will be “available later this year” for Android devices.

Gaming service 'GeForce Now' levels up for androidGeForce Now is Nvidia’s cloud gaming answer to Google’s Stadia Connect and Microsoft’s xCloud and will rely heavily on its experience in making some of the world’s best GPUs. Nvidia promises its future users with “over 1,000 games” and 30 million hours of pure gameplay this year.

No iPhone support was mentioned by the sources who reported on the announcement of the GeForce Now, although it is already associated itself with Apple’s MacBook lineup.

Nvidia announced last March are also coming online to hopefully bring better scalability, quality, performance and stability to the service, starting with Germany and California.

GeForce Now, which lets you play games on a relatively low-power local device by rendering them in the cloud and “streaming” the frames to you while sending your input back, is unusual in that you can’t buy games through it, nor is it an all-you-can-play vault service.

The Nvidia app is essentially a hub for games you already own that have GFN support, and when you hit “play” it runs the relevant launcher for a particular game, such as Steam.

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