Palm plant reproduce in UK in 60m years history

A prehistoric plant named Palm tree has produced male and female cones for the first time in 60 million years reproduce in the UK for the first time in human history and experts think that climate change could be the cause.

Palm plant reproduce in UK  in 60m years historyThe exotic palm which dominated the planet 280 million years ago  is believed to be thriving on the cliffs of Ventnor Botanic Gardens because of climate change.

The garden is on average five degrees warmer than the rest of the mainland, making it the second warmest part of the UK after the Isles of Scilly. 

July 2019 saw the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK 38.7 degrees Celsius or 101.7 degrees Fahrenheit and we know that many other parts of the world are consistently getting warmer too.

Now cones from both male and female Cycads have appeared, something which has never been recorded as happening before in the UK human history, and that gives local botanists the chance for another first to transfer pollen between them.

These palm plant dominated the planet before the evolution of flowering plants and are now usually found as ornamental plants inside British homes. 

Botanists working at the garden will transfer the pollen by hand in around a week as the plants are too far apart for this to happen naturally. 

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