Underwater tunnel innovation platform in China

China has established an academic exchange and technology innovation platform for underwater tunnel construction, according to Science and Technology Daily.

Underwater tunnel innovation platform in ChinaAn undersea tunnel is a tunnel which is partly or wholly constructed under a body of water. They are often used where building a bridge or operating a ferry link is impossible, or to provide competition or relief for existing bridges or ferry links.

The country’s underwater tunnel engineering construction has made continuous progress in the amount and scale in recent years, said the newspaper.

There have been improving demands in cross river and cross-sea tunnels in the fields like railways, highways, water and power supply. Up till June 2019, China has constructed 14 super large underwater shield tunnels in more than 14.5 meters outer diameter, with 19 more sets under construction and 14 sets to be built.

The platform, set up by the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, will push forward the research, design, development, construction, and equipment manufacturing of underwater tunnel projects


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