Yubico dual lightning, USB-C dongle to secure devices

Yubico has launched the latest YubiKey 5Ci, a security key with dual support for iPhones, Macs and other USB-C compatible devices.

Yubico dual lightning, USB-C dongle to secure devicesYubico’s newest YubiKey is the latest iteration of its security key built to support a newer range of devices, including Apple’s iPhone, iPad and MacBooks, in a single device.

Announced in June, the company said the security keys would cater to cross-platform users particularly Apple device owners.

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These security keys are small enough to sit on a keyring. When you want to log in to an online account, you plug in the key to your device and it authenticates you.

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Your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook account all support these plug-in devices as a second-factor of authentication after your username and password  a far stronger mechanism than the simple code sent to your phone.

Security keys offer almost unbeatable security and can protect against a variety of threats, including nation-state attackers.

Jerrod Chong, Yubico’s chief solutions officer, said the new key would fill a “critical gap in the mobile authentication ecosystem,” particularly given how users are increasingly spending their time across a multitude of mobile devices.

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The new Yubico key works with a range of apps, including password managers like 1Password and LastPass, and web browsers like Brave, which support security key authentication.

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