Facebook blocks 31 mislead pages against polio vaccine

Facebook blocked as many as 31 accounts/pages involved in propaganda against vaccination in Pakistan on the request of the government’s polio programme.

Facebook blocks 31 mislead pages against polio vaccineThe Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Polio Babar Bin Atta said that on Monday, news were circulated on social media that a one-year-old girl had died in Swabi due to the polio vaccine.

“Print and electronic media showed responsibility and decided to wait till getting the autopsy report of the deceased. However, an organised campaign was launched on the social media that the girl had died because of the vaccine and people should not vaccinate their children.” 

“As per the autopsy report, the girl died due to suffocation as a peanut got stuck in her throat. Just after getting the report we contacted Facebook and officially launched a campaign against those accounts which were involved in propaganda against the vaccine,” he added.

Atta said that within one hour Facebook blocked all those accounts/pages so that they would not continue their malicious campaign against the polio vaccine.

“We are thankful to Facebook for cooperating with us. We have also taken the polio team members into confidence that they should share the pro-polio vaccine posts with those who hesitate to vaccinate their children due to the campaign,” he said.

Ammara Khan
Author: Ammara Khan

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