Tons of Garbage Litter Polluting Islamabad

Since many weeks, lacking proper waste disposal in almost all the sectors of Islamabad, which results as tons of garbage smell the environments.  

Tons of Garbage Litter Polluting IslamabadEven though the CDA is responsible for sweeping, cleaning and transportation of solid waste. Garbage collectors are not even coming to performs their duties. They are not getting their salaries timely so they have been protesting against the government.

Currently, the situation has got worse as there are tons of garbage litter placed outside the houses and streets. Markets are also pouring out with garbage. All the sectors are reported to carry tons of garbage litter place openly for the view.

Government has been failed in educating them and also by not paying them timely. They are actually trying Islamabad to follow Karachi’s path.

The designated area for throwing garbage in drums placed by CDA are overflowing with trash, which is now polluting the surroundings. Garbage collector can’t visit on scheduled timings and violating instructions.

The residents have become exhausted by filing complaints again and again, but concern authorities can’t take action properly. Caretakers hardly visiting in our streets to have keen check and balance on staff.

According to CDA, almost 600 tonnes of solid waste is collected from all over the city, moved and dumped outside Islamabad.

People are sharing videos and images of streets littered with trash on social media from all sectors of Islamabad but Government is silent. Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to make clean and polluted free country but now they are polluted the already clean places in Islamabad. Policy makers of this system have failed who were running from years. It’s a high time government should do something for garbage.


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