PTA time frame registering mobile device

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued statement, will facilitate users for registering mobile device at its headquarters in Islamabad and zonal offices till Friday, 20th September, 2019.

PTA time frame registering  mobile device PTA introduced mobile registration service to make ease for mobile consumers who willing to get registering mobile device through mobile companies. This service is available at franchises and customer service centers of all mobile companies across Pakistan.

To find out availability of this service whether it is offering the service or not at your nearest house by check list available on PTA website .

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Mobile devices can also be registered by dialing *8484# from your mobile. This mode of registering mobile device is the easiest way. Users would not be required to travel to the offices of PTA, franchises and customer service centers located in only a few of the main cities of Pakistan.

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According to a recent announcement made by the PTA that All IMEIs of a dual SIM mobile device must be registered.

The decision comes from PTA that users who are using phones with two SIM slots, registered only one IMEI number. PTA’s authority has said it won’t entertain any requests that do not follow this pattern. If you leave your second SIM unregistered, PTA will only block the unregistered SIM instead blocking your mobile phone.  For those who have registered one IMEI slot number, but not the second, they can submit their request to PTA at If the PTA blocks your mobile phone’s IMEI number, you cannot use it on any mobile network in Pakistan. The mobile set will not functional.

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Always buy PTA approved mobile devices advised to the general public of Pakistan by PTA.

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