Facebook make Community Resilience Programs in Pak

Community Resilience in the Digital Age was the theme of a session held in Islamabad conducted by experts from Facebook’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.

Facebook make Community Resilience Programs in PakThe workshop was attend by representatives of  civil society, government and academia attend, focused on best practices including: strategies and resources for building effective community resilience campaigns and measuring their impact and creative tips for building high quality content and increasing audience reach. 

The workshop also highlighted Facebook’s Community Resilience, which outline what is and isn’t allowed on the platform, to give people a better understanding of the Facebook’s policies and how they are enforced.

The session also focused on capacity building for civil society – including tips on the tools needed to use Facebook effectively. The session also highlighted best practices on counter-speech campaigns.

“Facebook is committed to helping community groups and organizations use the platform’s full potential to create positive social impact in Pakistan,” said Sehar Tariq, Public Policy Manager, Pakistan.

The day-long workshop showcased a variety of campaigns which have been targeted to different segments of Pakistan.

Key speakers included GullnazBaig, APAC Head, Counterterrorism Policy at Facebook, and Roy Tan, Politics and Government Outreach Manager for APAC.

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