Project “Roshni say Zindagi” brighten 10,000 homes

Hilton Pharma, one of the top pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan, is launching a nationwide CSR initiative, “Roshni say Zindagi”, to give solar electricity to 10,000 householdsof marginalised rural communities through out the country over a 3 year period.

Project Roshni say Zindagi brighten 10,000 homesIn Pakistan, over 50 million people, or about 25% of the total population is off the national grid, having no access to electricity. Rural areas are the worst affected, with over 32,000 villages, or about 40% of the rural population being without electricity. The Roshni Sey Zindagi project will thus create a rural alternate energy model to mitigate this national problem.

The project will be executed in collaboration with G-Solar, who specialise in solar energy projects and who will be the implementation partner.Through this project the solar power solution for each home will provide enough electricity to power 2 LED lights, 1 pedestal fan, and also be able to charge 1 mobile phone battery.

The key benefits of Hilton Pharma’s Roshni Sey Zindagi project will be provision of environmentally friendly renewable energy, increase in family income, education of children and women empowerment, as the provision of electricity enables women to work from home and create earning opportunities.  

Speaking about the project Sardar Yasin Malik, Chairman Hilton Pharma stated, ‘Pakistan is a very big country and many areas are totally deprived of electricity. Even if one bulb lights up the homes in such places, it gives the people boundless happiness. Indeed, it may be theresponsibility of the government to provide electricity to the off-grid areas; but it is also the responsibility of all of us to supplement the government’s efforts.

We are thus undertaking this project in line with our mission of providing Hope, Health & Happiness to the communities we work within.”   

Hilton Pharma Group has a long history of being actively involved in charitable projects in education, healthcare and social development. In the 2018 list of major individual taxpayers of Pakistan four out of the top 25 taxpayers of the country were from the Hilton Pharma Group Family including the number one and number two taxpayers of the country.

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