Victrix launch game World War II in 12mm scale

Victrix has announced that they are working on a new brand, Victrix Games focused on bringing fully functional gaming systems with using of high quality vehicles and figures in these games.

Victrix launch game World War II in 12mm scaleVictrix launch World War II game in 12mm scale. The game is scaled to 12 mm because they believe that it provides the best competition between vehicles and troopers. It allows for realistic scale actions even on a small 6ft by 4ft gaming table without the battle looking overcrowded and unrealistic. On the other hand, you should notify correlation between their range and most existing 10 mm ranges out there.

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The World War II is fighting game taking place throughout Normandy in 1944.  It will include British, German and American forces with a focus on tank and infantry elements as well as an option for aircraft too. They are also looking forward to expand things to include North Africa and the Eastern Front in the near future.

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The new range of models that supporting rule which will get released in late 2020.  A lot of models are in the progress and you can find the full list of what’s coming over on their Facebook Page where they went into more detail with previews and more.

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