Achievements of Oman in higher education sector

The Sultanate of Oman ranks third among gulf countries for getting admission in higher education institutions for studying on the basis of total qualified population between 2012 to 2017.

Achievements of Oman in higher education sectorIt has achieved 45 per cent of admission in higher education out of the total eligible population between these years.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in Muscat said “According to the GCC Development Indicators book 2019, Saudi Arabia ranked first with 67% of students enrolled in a higher education institution from the total population, Bahrain ranked second with 47% and Oman ranked third with 45%”. While the United Arab Emirates ranked on fourth place with 37%, Kuwait ranked fifth with 33% and Qatar ranked sixth with 15%”.

Another achievement related to Oman according to the GCC Development Indicators 2019, the Sultanate of Oman ranks first among the Gulf Countries in the contribution of the education sector to GDP with 6.5%, Al Kuwait ranked second with 6.2%, and Al Bahrain ranked third with 4.9%”.

The report also exposed that Oman ranked fourth in the index of higher education among 126 countries around the world while the United Arab Emirates came in at ninth position, Qatar came on tenth on the list, Saudi Arabia ranked 39th, Bahrain ranked 50th and Kuwait ranked 79th position globally.

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