Huawei HiCar allow to control their car by smartphone

Huawei officially revealed Huawei HiCar at the Huawei Developers Conference on 9th Aug 2019 and claimed they were developing a new feature that basically allows a user to control their car through smartphone.

Huawei HiCar allow to control their car by smartphoneNow this latest and greatest feature is almost here to be used. Huawei HiCar can be connected to the smart phone for listening music, watching videos and navigation, etc on the screen of the car. Number of features available in Huawei HiCar.

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Firstly, It allows to control most autonomous functions of your car from the app such as air conditioning, windows, wipers and car locks. It can also allow user to use the car’s cameras to take pictures or videos, which could be beneficial in a many ways. There’s also an option to share those pictures and videos, which isn’t as useful but still interesting.

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The central control screen on the car will display the options available when the smartphone and the car connect. It includes planning reminders, navigating to a destination, playing music, answering calls and to the voice assistant functions. This allows user to make changes easily and quickly.

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This feature is available for facilitating users not driving cars with you smartphone. According to Huawei, only flagship devices from the company will be getting the feature which essentially means just the Mate and P series devices.

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