Strategic partnership TPL insurance & Askari bank

Pakistan’s first direct insurance company TPL Insurance, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Pakistan’s leading commercial and retail banking institution Askari Bank Ltd.

Strategic partnership TPL insurance & Askari bankAn MoU signing ceremony between two parties was held at Askari Bank’s office in Islamabad.

The partnership aims to explore new business opportunities in the Auto Finance sector and provide customers of Askari Bank with Auto Insurance solutions.

Representatives from TPL Insurance were CEO Muhammad Zubair Butt, Regional Head FIG Aurangzeb J. Siddiqui and Deputy Managing Director Syed Ather Abbas present in the ceremony.

Representatives from Askari Bank were Head of Consumer Banking Syed Taha Afzal, Head of Secured Products Muhammad Ali Shahbaz, Business Planning Manager Fawad Ilyas and Head of cards and Merchant Alliances Fauzia Mehmood present in the ceremony.

This new venture will enable TPL Insurance to offer customized coverage to Askari Bank customers at the most competitive rates in the industry. The agreement provides the additional facility of free tracking and accidental coverage for their cars, backed by the fastest claim settlement offered in Pakistan.

The partnership is in line with TPL Insurance’s pursuit of providing seamless insurance services to customers through its 24/7 call center and digitally integrated insurance systems.

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