Signify partnership Ellamp Spa improve traveling experience of passenger in buses

Signify  partnership Ellamp Spa to provide Trulifi systems in buses to improve traveling experience of passenger in buses.

Signify partnership Ellamp Spa improve traveling experience of passenger in busesSignify known as the world leader in lighting, is now start providing reliable, secure and fast connectivity to people everywhere they go.

Signify  partnership Ellamp Spa which is Italian designer and manufacturer of interior systems and components for public and private transport by road and rail.

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This latest development will improve passenger connectivity in buses and aims to give them more personal control over the facilities in the bus, including the air conditioning and light levels for their seat, but also the ordering of catering. 

Country Leader at Signify Pakistan Asad Jafar said “We’re on the verge of a new era of connectivity, Imagine having reliable, secure and fast connectivity, wherever there is light. That is the promise of Trulifi”.

The ability to provide people with the same high-quality and secure connectivity experience whether they’re aboard a bus, train, airplane or on the ground.

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The partnership with Ellamp will explore whether the wiring of the control and media systems can be simplified by connecting the individual media players using LiFi. At a later stage, when telecommunications providers enable broadband support to moving vehicles, passengers will also be able to connect their own devices to the Internet via Trulifi.

The Trulifi systems are very stable as the signal is not impacted by movements of the bus. The technology uses a line-of-sight connection that gives passengers their own secure LiFi-network, instead of having to share radio waves with other travelers. Infrared light is used so the system works in any lighting condition.

In addition to that, Ellamp aims to utilize the Trulifi infrastructure to hand passengers control over the air conditioning and light levels for their seat, but also enables them to order catering, all through a single screen in front of them.

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CEO at Ellamp Massimo Ottino said “We’re excited to work with Signify and improve the travel experience of passengers of our buses”.

He further said “The ability to provide bus companies with the technology that helps passengers to connect to media, and hands them personal control and Internet services on buses, will significantly strengthen our market position.”

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