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ZONG 4G’s New hope volunteers visit Bint-e-Fatima old age home Karachi

Zong 4G’s new hope volunteers visited the Bint-e-Fatima old age home to spend a day with the elderly women in Karachi.

ZONG 4G’s New hope volunteers visit Bint-e-Fatima old age home KarachiBint-e- Fatima old home (trust) is a nongovernmental & nonprofit organization providing shelter to senior citizens and gender-based violence survivors (women accompanied by children and girls). Zong 4G New Hope Volunteers have been visiting the old age home time and time, in hopes of creating a positive impact on their lives. This activity was focused on leaving the elderly at Binte-e-Fatima with a sense of love and respect through conversation and connection.

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The volunteers held a meet and greet with the inhabitants of the old age home, to establish a sense of belonging and trust. The elderly then shared their individual stories with the new hope volunteers. The volunteers handed over care packages which included flowers, soft food, grocery items, hygiene kits, and gifts along with fans for the establishment.

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The volunteers held a detailed discussion with the management to get a sense of how the old home was looked after and appreciated them for all their hard work, of providing a safe, reliable space for the elderly.

Zong 4G spokesperson said, “As part of our mission of outreach to the marginalized strata of our society, Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers visited the Bint-e-Fatima old-age home in Karachi. Through these visits we are aiming to impart a sense of acceptance and hope for various displaced groups though both financial and emotional support”.

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Pakistan’s no. 1 network has been constantly working on social causes to spread happiness and hope, with activities aiming to empower and boost a sense of joy amongst such marginalized groups.

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