Hassan Syed appoints as adviser to Minister of Science & Technology

Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry has appointed Hassan Syed as adviser to Minister of Science & Technology for innovation and emerging technologies expert.

Hassan Syed appoints as adviser to Minister of Science & TechnologyHassan Syed would advise the minister on developing innovation culture and acceleration in adoption of emerging technologies in the country. He would review all existing initiatives of the ministry and help it establishing liaison with the industry.

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He is also the focal person at the Ministry of Science and Technology on Innovation and Emerging Technologies.

He has accepted this position as a volunteer without any government salary or benefits.

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Hassan Syed transformed the zoo and aquarium industry worldwide by leading the development of Zoological Information Management System, which is being used by more than 1,200 institutions worldwide.

ZIMS is a knowledge management, sharing, and collaboration system that helps in developing better knowledge in animal conservation.

Hassan Syed is also the founder of the world’s largest digital incubation platform and a major supporter of  Kamyab Jawan Startup Pakistan Project which is the government’s Program to empower the youth of Pakistan.

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His company has committed a large investment in technology to build the digital backbone of Pakistan’s Innovation Ecosystem.

He was given single point agenda by the Minister of Science and Technology to accelerate the development of knowledge economy in Pakistan on his first day in the newly appointed role at office.

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