Solar eclipse witness in numerous parts of Pakistan

Annular solar eclipse known as “Fire of ring solar eclipse” can be witnessed in Karachi and other parts of the Pakistan along with numerous other countries across Asia after 20 years on 26th Dec.

Solar eclipse witness in numerous parts of PakistanThe day turning dark due to Solar eclipse in many Asian countries including Pakistan.  The eclipse started at 7:30 am (local time) and turned into a total eclipse at 8:46 am.

Special prayers called Salatul al-Kasuf were offered at multiple places across the country in line with the Islamic tradition of performing the prayers at the time of solar eclipses.  The time for Salat al-Kusuf lasts from the beginning of the eclipse till the time it ends.

Pakistan Meteorological Department informed about the timings of the solar eclipse in different cities of Pakistan. The eclipse started at 7:34am in Karachi, reaching its peak at 8:46am while coming to a close at 10:16am. In Islamabad, the total eclipse happened at 8:58am.  Moreover, it came to an end at 10:08am in Quetta after it began at 7:39am lasting for about two hours and 27 minutes in total, as per the  

In Lahore, the solar eclipse after starting from 7:47am came to an end at 10:19am. However, owing to the city’s foggy weather, the cosmic spectacle was scarcely visible. Peshawar witnessed the spectacle of the solar eclipse till 10:30am.

The solar eclipse took place in multiple areas of Baluchistan including Gwadar, Jiwani and their surrounding localities.

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