Symposium on Role of ORIC in development of University industry linkages held at KUST

A symposium on the “ Role of ORICs  in development of University-industry linkages “ was organized by ORIC Kohat University of  Science & Technology (KUST) .

Symposium on Role of ORIC in development of University industry linkages held at KUSTDirector ORIC, KUST Prof. Dr. Tariq Jan welcomed the audience. Faculty, research staff and students shown interests and assured to work in their own capacities to bring these two stockholders on one page.

HEC aims of motivating and facilitating the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to make research a top priority for a sustainable economic growth and future knowledge economy.

To achieve this target HEC established Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) centre in universities which serve as a pivotal point, encompassing all the research activities from development of research proposal to the commercialization of research products under a single umbrella.

These ORICs will provide strategic and operational support to the research activities/programs of a university and it will have a central role in facilitating the outcome of the university’s researches.

These researches will focus mainly on turning invention (pure knowledge) into innovation (products and production processes) that can ultimately impact the welfare of community welfare.

The audience of symposium appreciates the role ORICs in Universities and insisted to have more visibility of the ORICs in universities. Such kind of activities is the way forward to make ORICs more visible and effective in defining its role.

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