Ministry of national food security & research establishes Essential food commodity monitoring cell

Ministry of national food security & research establishes Essential food commodity monitoring cellMinistry of national food security and research has established Essential Food Commodity Monitoring Cell due to the fluctuation in prices of Food commodities

Essential Food Commodity Monitoring Cell will ensure sustainability in prices and demand and supply of fruits, vegetables and other food products.

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Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan said in interview that initially the cell will look into production, supply and demand situation of 15 crops by collecting data of those crops and in case of possible shortage of any commodity, the cell will warn the concerned sections six months before the time of production.

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He said the monitoring of crops situation would help ensuring sustainability of production and prices of the commodities.

He further said the cell would work in collaboration with various institutions concerned including Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission to collect data of the crops.

He told that the government was also planning to expand the scope of the cell and convert it into an authority.

He informed that recent hike in tomato prices was due to lack of coordination and monitoring of the crops which created shortage in the market. Now there was a sufficient supply of the commodity and there would be smooth and extra supply of tomato in coming months.

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The PARC chairman said the Council was imparting training to the farmers about latest ways of tomato farming.

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