Timesaco starts Tatu Mobility for promoting e-transportation in Pakistan

Chinese Technology Services Company “Timesaco” started “Tatu Mobility” a transportation infrastructure network in Pakistan to promote e-transportation sector business in Pakistan.

Timesaco starts Tatu Mobility for promoting e-transportation in PakistanFounder and CEO of Tatu Mobility Donald Li told media that “Chinese Technology Services Company Timesaco launched Tatu Mobility a transportation infrastructure network in Pakistan on 31st December 2019.”

He further said “Tatu Mobility” will provide its mobility services to all public transports including Individual, Business Corporations, Merchants, Private Organizations, and Government sector, like Taxi-Hailing, Pick and Drop, Bus Booking, Vehicle Rental and other related Technology Services through its Ecosystem Platform based on Internet plus technology for building a transportation infrastructure network in Pakistan.

He informed that “Tatu Mobility” will provide an IOT (Internet of Things) based transportation network in which all existing private and public transportation networks would be rebuild and revamped into IOT technology. Now all customers can book and track their mobility through applications.

He further added that people can get several discounts through using different features including Event Creation, Group Creation and Free Ride.

An individual and corporations can create different groups and events on application, and can track, chat with each other in coming future.

Tatu Mobility allow business corporations and merchants to add all staffs, fans, friends, and customers with unlimited number.

These features will create easy communications and convenient marketing for them. “Customer2Store” and “Customer2Site” will be main transportation solutions for Pakistan’s business sectors.

Donald L I responded it will work under the umbrella of Timesaco which has already launched its online taxi service in 10 different cities of Pakistan and provide services for individuals and corporations.

They will focus on Transportation Sectors in coming future from now onward. Timesaco will launch other Instant Services for logistics in Pakistan.

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