Zong becomes 1st operator in South Asia to successfully test its 5G services

Pakistan’s leading telecommunication operator,Zong became the first operator in South Asia to successfully test its 5G services (in August 2019).

Zong becomes 1st operator in South Asia to successfully test its 5G servicesThe test put Pakistan on the map of technologically advanced countries and cemented Zong’s position as the innovation leader of the Pakistan Telecommunication industry. The trials yielded unprecedented speeds of more than 1 GB/sec, the unique test cases showcased the true power and potential of high-speed internet. 

Zong is gearing up to demonstrate more novel use-cases for 5G and their unimagined cross-industry innovative applications. 

With a minimum latency and an extraordinary speed of more than 1 Gb/sec, Zong mesmerized the nation with its technical prowess while setting direction for a digital Pakistan. The global launch of 5G harbingers a new era of connectivity, which will have profound impacts across all industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture, financial services to media and health care to education. Revolutionizing communication, 5G is set to serve as the connective tissue for AI, IoT, block chain, Big Data and machine learning.

Chairman and CEO Zong Wang Hua said, “Pakistan is destined to witness a global communication revolution and with Zong at the helm of this digital transformation, we can promise our customers a very exciting future. With a legacy of being the first operator to connect Pakistan through its state-of-the-art 4G services, Zong has impressed the world with its successful 5G testing. We are confident that we will be able to showcase more cutting-edge and innovative applications of 5G in the days to come.”

The world is preparing for the widespread implementation of 5G technology and Pakistan’s digital leader, Zong is set to demonstrate more fascinating non-commercial 5G test cases. Zong leads the industry with the highest number of 4G customers, largest 4G enabled network, and pioneers in successful testing of 5G services in Pakistan Zong is the established leader of digital revolution in Pakistan.

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