Innovatory 5G technology reaches at the doorstep of Pakistan

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that 5G technology is at the doorstep of Pakistan and it would become a huge revolution.

Innovatory 5G technology reaches at the doorstep of PakistanHe further said that 5G technology is slated to be introduced around the world which would a big revolution, whereas, the people will also witness major developments in hologram technology.

Future planning is being made for the next 10 years in the world as the nations cannot achieve development goals by restricting its innovations and modernisation to a particular field. We cannot win hybrid warfare or propaganda by bringing improvements only in a single field.

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People are seen surprised when I told them for Pakistan’s space mission. We would have a better human power to utilise their skills for developing different sectors if we establish institutions like Cambridge and Oxford in the 80s.

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Minister had said in September last year that Pakistan was committed to sending its first astronaut to space by 2022, adding that China would collaborate with Pakistan in its space mission.

He had revealed the selection process for the astronaut would start in 2020, state-owned wire service quoted him as saying during an interview to a private news channel.

The minister gave an example of the United States (US), said the country has used its defence research on the civilian side.

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He added that it is an unfortunate fact for being capable to build tanks and JF-17 Thunder but cannot even build a television or a mobile charger.

He complained about the lack of coordination between research institutions in the country. He aimed for the application of technology based military research on the civilian side

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