Amazing affordable cars makes their way towards Pakistan in 2020

Automobile sector in Pakistan is flourishing quite speedily as year 2020 is expected to be a huge year for introduction of some amazing affordable cars making their way towards Pakistan in 2020.

Amazing affordable cars makes their way towards Pakistan in 2020Automobile developers have been encouraged to produce their cars in Pakistan under a secure and competitive Pakistani auto market after the implementation of “Auto Development Policy 2016-2021” in Pakistan.

Every year new cars or different upgraded versions of previous models hit the market of Pakistan and every citizen whether he/she can afford or not, is eager to have a look.

The ease of doing business in Pakistan that came with the auto policy has already allowed several new car brands to emerge that have been performing well in other parts of world. Kia Sportage, Hyundai Ioniq have already created a buzz in 2020.

Lets have a look at which cars are hitting cars lover in Pakistan during 2020.

Proton X70 is expected to be launched in the earlier months of 2020. This model is being dubbed as first ever top of the line SUV manufactured by PROTON Motors. The official prices haven’t been released yet but in Malaysia the model costs around Rs 25,040,534/-.

Hyundai Tucson 2021 is expected to be exposed later this year. This will offer a redesigned dashboard panel, new upholstery, colors, heated and ventilated front seats, leather upholstery and sat-nav.

A newer version of Toyota Yaris is expected to hit the markets in February 2020 and its price is estimated to be around PKR 2300000.Its earlier models already saw on Pakistani roads.

The elegant Hyundai Sonata is the most anticipated car to be released in Pakistan in 2020. Its elegant design, trendy back lights, Dreamy color range is enough to mesmerize the car enthusiasts. The fully redesigned Sonata offers the coziest & a roomy interior among its rivals. Hyundai Sonata price in Pakistan is PKR 1,550,000.

The Malaysian brand offers another product to Pakistani market that is Proton Exora comes with a price tag of Rs.28, 95,305.

Borgward BX5 has reentered the auto market after its revival by one of the largest Chinese auto manufacturers, Beiqi Foton Motor. The official prices for Pakistan haven’t been released yet but its price in Malaysia is Rs.45, 33, 557.

Changan’s CX70T has been built to meet the needs of long trips with an appealing range of specs for youth and tech savvy. It offers a comfortable driving experience with an Electric driver seat that comes with automatic air conditioner. Reportedly the vehicle will be priced around PKR 2.7 to 3.3 million.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 double cabin pickup truck is being rigorously tested and trialed in Ghandhara plant to be launched in Pakistan. Its previous model got an overwhelming response from Pakistani market which raises the hope and bar for Jac T6 to cross. Jac T6 will be in market with Rs 2.6 million price tag.

Malaysian car producer Proton Saga is gaining popularity in Pakistan. Several of its models are to be introduced in Pakistani market in 2020. Proton Saga offers a sturdy exterior with comfortable interior. Its price is estimated to be PKR 15 lakhs.

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