Pakistani works for $1b mission to restore e-commerce via Amazon

E-commerce has been advertizing by many experts as a way to prompt growth of Pakistan’s debt-riddled economy. One person, who worked for $ 1-billion injection into the economy by enhancing his online sales on the global tech giant Amazon.

Pakistani works for $1b mission to restore e-commerce via AmazonKashif Ali well known as Sunny Ali made his way from the slum of Karachi to the developed world. Now, he return to impart skills and pave the way for the country’s youth to international e-commerce hubs.

Ali is the CEO of Extreme Commerce, which is a platform that joins different stakeholders of e-commerce and trains youngsters in the sector. Once the training is complete, they invests in outstanding business ideas.

The job market is undergoing transformation across the world as advancement in the technological arena has made certain jobs redundant. Pakistan is no exception to these changing dynamics.

Ali wants to train Pakistani youth according to the new demand around the world which will help the youth become a productive part of the society instead of a burden.

Ali said while giving an interview that the goal of gaining $1 billion can be achieved by training 10,000 Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) traders.

FBA is a system under which Amazon takes care of everything once traders bring their products to the Amazon warehouse on particular charges for six months.

He informed that “Amazon is a huge engine, which works with automation and cuts 70% of your hassle”.

He added that 1,000 of these entrepreneurs will further produce jobs for approximately 50,000 people.

Ali decided to share his experience drawing lessons from his personal struggle, with the youth in his homeland as to how they can get a job in the international market. Ali suggests the should think in four stages such as Take care of your kitchen first, Make assets, Become an investor and become an institution.

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