Coordination between Chinese & Pakistani government for dealing with Coronavirus

Chinese government and Pakistani government are working closely to manage the circumstances of the Coronavirus occurs in Wuhan China,

Coordination between Chinese & Pakistani government for dealing with CoronavirusStudents and citizens of Pakistan in Wuhan are safe and sound from Coronavirus. They are well attended and looked after by the local government of the province as well as the central government. Pakistani Embassy in Beijing is also following the situation and providing whatever assistance requires by the Pakistani students and citizens in Wuhan.

Media reported about the condition of Pakistani students went China for studying is fully protected from the Coronavirus. No Pakistani students so far reported with diagnose of the Coronavirus. Number of Pakistani students enrolled in three renowned universities located in Wuhan. University administration took appropriates measures to look after the disease. Booths were setup in universities for monitoring the situation and compiling daily reports.  

Presently the Chinese Government and the Pakistani government are in close coordination to extend all the due and necessary assistance for their life, study and stay in China.

The Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr. Sun Weidong said in a statement that “Right now we are also following the Chinese community in Pakistan. We have found 3 suspicious cases but there is no confirmed case of Coronavirus in Pakistan. And I appreciate the Pakistani government, in particular the ministry of Health, monitoring the situation very closely. And both the governments of China and Pakistan are exchanging and sharing information regarding possible medical assistance and medial preparations for Coronavirus. I believe with the understanding and support of the Pakistani nation, the Chinese government and people will have the confidence, determination to overcome this temporary difficulty. And we will have the normal life very soon”.

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