Inauguration of Physics Lab in FJWU

Advisor to Minister for Science & Technology, Syed Hassan inaugurated Physics Lab on Wheels which is a project of Physics department in Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU).

Inauguration of Physics Lab in FJWUThis Physics lab can move to distant areas to train government teachers and students who did not have the facility to practice science experiments.

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FJWU is a public university in the neighborhood of Mall Road of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. It is regarded as the first women’s university in Pakistan. FJWU is an institution with a vision to promoting and facilitating studies and research in various fields of Higher Education for women

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The major goal for Physics Lab this project was to enhance the interest of government school students in science subjects. Almost all basic physics experiment can be performed with the help of apparatus available in this mobile physics lab.

All these science experiments (including light, friction, gravitation, forces) which will be performed are taken from curriculum of Punjab Text Book board, National Book Foundation and Oxford Syllabus.

Vice Chancellor FJWU, Dr. Saima Hamid in her closing remarks thanked the guests and hoped that this Physics Lab will be beneficial for students of FJWU. She appreciated the efforts of department for this project and congratulated them.

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Meanwhile, Young Pakistan Physicists Tournament’ also arranged by Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) office in which students of various institutes showcase their projects at FJWU.

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