Corona Virus: Its outbreak and side effects in China


Dr. Ali Raza, Dr. Muhammad Amir Aslam, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Aleem from Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Even after a lot of development china is facing a terrible disease caused due to corona virus.

Corona Virus: Its outbreak and side effects in ChinaDisease and health both considered as major basic pillar. in driving the race of human life. As humans are using their environment to fulfill their basic needs so regardless of getting benefits from environment humans also acquired some lethal diseases. These diseases may be bacterial fungal viral or protozoal however the incidence of diseases vary from region to region. Some diseases are very lethal and their outbreak caused irreparable damage in that particular region.

The ratio of these diseases is much higher in developing countries however locality and occurrence affect both developed and developing nations. For the first time in 2012 almost 858 people died in Saudi Arabia, due to corona virus. In April 2014,2 cases were reported one was hospitalized due to MERS in Indiana and other case was reported from Florida, America both were migrated from Saudi Arabia to America. In May 2015 largest outbreak of MERS occurred in Arabian Peninsula in Korea.  

China is one of the most developed countries of the world having latest techniques and procedures to face and treat any lethal disease.

Coronavirus was present in china previously but its outbreak occurs in 21st century in china. Different stain of corona virus was recently identified affecting economy and health status of china. Now a day’s death ratio is much higher in china due to corona virus as compared to any other disease. However, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) And world health organization (WHO) and other health care organizations are closely monitoring the death ratios and are working to sort out the possible ways to restrict the disease in china.

Coronaviruses are family of viruses causing a wide range of diseases that includes 

  • Common cold, flue
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-coV)
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).
  • New strains ( nCoV) that are recently identified.

Sign and symptoms:

Corona virus is RNA enveloped virus effecting respiratory system and throat region of humans. Following are some general   sign and symptoms of corona virus in humans.

  • runny nose
  • headache
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • a general feeling of being unwell
  • lower respiratory track complications
  • pneumonia or bronchitis
  • infants of adults having week immunity system suffer from cardiovascular collapse.
  • Kidney failure
  • Death

Incubation of corona virus is from 2 to 14 days

Risk factor:

Corona virus is highly zoonotic and contagious. zoonosis means it transferring from animals to humans. contagious means transferring from humans to humans.

 In case of MERS corona virus spread from camel to humans and in SARS It travels from civet cats to humans. However, the exact mechanism of transfer in both cases is still unknown and scientist are working on it throughout the globe. According to recent reports of CDC and WHO coronavirus spread through eating bats and poorly cooked meat of effected animals. However, person to person transfer occur through following routes

  • Via direct contact
  • Via Respiratory droplets
  • Via aerosol

Types of corona virus:

Different strains of corona virus effects humans however severity of illness in all conditions are different. Six different types of corona virus effect humans out of them most common are follow

  • 229E (alpha coronavirus)
  • NL63 (alpha coronavirus)
  • OC43 (beta coronavirus)
  • HKU1 (beta coronavirus)

After effects in china:

After the emergence of coronavirus in china and increasing death ratio in china. china is suffering from some alarming threats to both its economy as well as Chinese individuals. Following are harmful aftereffects that China has to face after coronavirus outbreak.

  • Spread of fear in every induvial of china that effect their mentality and performance in every field of life.
  • CDC, WHO, OIE and other welfare organization made compulsory for all Chinese people to wear masks and protective suits
  • Medical organizations in china Alarmed all the Chinese people to stay away from any effected patient even he\she is suffering from common flue.
  • Migration of people from china to other countries are highly banned.
  • Trade between china and other countries are almost ended this causes an irreparable loss to china economy.
  • Different countries sending planes to evacuates their citizens from china.
  • People travelling from china to any other country are facing serious problems due to suspicion of corona virus.
  • Some countries  keeping Chinese migrant people in quarantine for the safety of their nation and country.
  • Transport of animals from one state to another is highly affected.
  • Different monitoring teams are made to check the quality of meat of all restaurant’s all over the china.
  • Migration of suspected civilians are highly prohibited
  • Suspected schools and colleges are closed for unknown period of time.
  • Trade between china and other European countries are almost at its minimal level.
  • Special monitoring teams are sent on all boarder near china to checkout any incidence of disease.


Outbreak of corona virus in china causes economical damage and as well as some irreparable loss to Chinese people lives as up to now 106 people embraced death and almost 4500 people at still at risk. WHO and CDC ranked the outbreak of corona virus as a disaster for china history and nation. Throughout the world scientists and researchers are trying to sort out the coronavirus but still no country is successful in making any vaccine against Corona virus. However protective measures have been adopted by many countries especially china to restrict the problem but still a lot of work is need to be done on corona virus to limit the spread of disease.

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