80 Pakistani Students awarded degree in water science

80 Pakistani engineers and technicians received their degree in water science during the graduation ceremony held at the Center for Advanced Studies in Water under a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

80 Pakistani Students awarded degree in water scienceUSAID Mission Director Julie Koenen attended the graduation ceremony. Minister for Mines and Mineral Development Mir Shabir Ali Bijarani gave degrees and medals to the graduating students at the convocation ceremony at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) in Jamshoro.

These 80 Master’s and PhD graduates in water science are among the students who also participated in exchange visits at the University of Utah in the United States under the program funded by USAID.

Julie Koenen said “We believe Pakistan needs its youth and entrepreneurs to focus on solving the country’s challenges”.

He further said “Partnerships and collaboration between the private sector, academia, and government are the way forward. The young emerging innovators like the ones receiving degree today need to lead Pakistan’s journey in this critical sector.”

Mir Shabir Ali Bijarani expressed his appreciation for USAID support in water science and thanked the people of the United States for supporting education and health projects in the province.

This program at Mehran University is one of the research centers the United States Government established in 2014 to support Pakistani universities under the U.S. Government’s $127 million program (PKR 17.75 billion).

The program supported research for innovative solutions to Pakistan’s water, energy, and food security challenges. It also resulted in deeper U.S.-Pakistan ties: Mehran University and the University of Utah have signed a memorandum of understanding to continue the partnership for the next five years.

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