Currently Pakistan capable of diagnosing Coronavirus in country

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said that Pakistan was now capable of diagnosing the novel coronarivus, which has killed 304 people in China and infected more than 14,000.

Currently Pakistan capable of diagnosing Coronavirus in countryDr Zafar Mirza tweeted “Alhamdolilah, as of today we have now capability of diagnosing coronarivus in Pakistan. I want to applaud our NIH leadership and team for their hard work in securing the reagent for diagnosing”.

The SAPM also lauded the leadership and team of the National Institute of Health for their hard work in securing the reagent for diagnosing.

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Dr Zafar Mirza had announced in a press conference that Pakistan would soon receive the health kits which would allow the country to detect the virus.

He informed “From tomorrow or today we will start carrying out tests to determine the Coronavirus”.

It was reported earlier this week that the first consignment of reagents have been donated by Japan to Pakistan and will allow health officials to detect the coronavirus.

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He told that China has the best health facilities to deal with the disease and fight the deadly virus.

Earlier, Pakistan’s envoy to China said that the country lacked medical facilities to treat the persons and Pakistanis in Wuhan should not be evacuated.

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