1st AI powered mobile photo editor developed by NUST undergrad students

Two NUST Software Engineering and Computer Science students Zain and Abdullah have developed an AI powered photo editor that enhances and auto tunes your selfies using on mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI).

1st AI powered mobile photo editor developed by NUST undergrad studentsBoth students started launching AI powered photo editor apps during the second year of their degree from NUST and later on opened their own startup which was first incubated by Technology Incubation Center, Nust (TIC).

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The app is called Blur which on a single tap can blur out the background of your photos offering a DSLR type retouching. It features automatic human detection combined with various beauty filters to help you edit your photos without a hassle.

The AI powered photo editor app is currently available and trending on Google Play Store with more than 100k downloads gained in very less period of time of production.

The startup behind the app, Vyro.ai aims to use the capabilities of your handheld devices to maximize the features of the apps they develop while preventing use of a network, hence minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

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The startup has invested significant time and resources in developing its presets and adjustment that allow users to enhance their digital photos. The startup is housed at Pakistan’s first National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) and they have a small team of passionate and dedicated individuals.

Zain said “Vyro.ai is a mobile technology startup specializing in deep learning related products. Our goal is to move forward mobile photography to the next level using neural networks, deep learning and computer vision techniques. We aim to create new ways for people to express their emotions through the camera.”

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Moreover, their startup has achieved global success by getting selected in incubators and accelerators around the world including Block 71 Incubation Center Singapore, Draper University, Hero Program at Silicon Valley.

As the startup is mainly focused on AI related products, they are active members of several technology programs like Nvidia AI Inception, AWS Activate, and IBM Business Partner World.

As their startup is growing, they are actively looking for fundraising and investment opportunities both locally and globally to further expand and scale their startup.

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