Magic Science show held at PNCA

Pakistan Science Club and ECO Science Foundation arranged a fun science show under umbrella of Magic Science show at Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) in Islamabad for the students and other aspirants interested in science.

Magic Science show held at PNCAScience workshop was also the part of Magic Science show. Theme of the workshop was to explore the wonders of science through magic tricks hands on science workshops.

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The show will take place on the sidelines of 5th edition of Pakistan Mother Languages Literature Festival started from 21st Feb and continued till 23rd Feb 2020.

 While the other sponsors of the Magic Science show included Pak Alliance for Maths and Science and Indus Cultural Forum.

Magic Science show was an entertaining activity that will include many simple scientific activities to understand the basic laws and theories of various scientific phenomenons such as inertia, pressure, light, sound, force and gravity.

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Number of students and their families attended Magic Science show at PNCA for entertaining themselves as well as spend educational weekend.

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