Pakistan’s first Covid-19 patient in Karachi on rapid health

22-year-old Yahya Jaffrey, a suspected patient of Covid-19 virus being treated at Agha Khan a private hospital in Karachi is recovering fast.

Pakistan’s first Covid-19 patient in Karachi is on rapid healthWhile talking to media Aal-e-Jafri, father of  patient Yahya Jafri said that the Covid -19 virus did not have much effect on Yahya Jaffrey, his son’s treatment is still underway, but his condition is now out of danger. According to doctors, patient would be kept under medical supervision for the next 48 hours to remove any further suspicion of Covid-19.

He further added that condition of  patient Yahya had weakened even during his stay in Iran, five days after his arrival from Iran, Yahya’s body temperature was normal during the screening at the airport, but after a few days he complained of chest discomfort and dizziness.

As per the guideline of World health Organization (WHO) family member and friends from close circle of patient Yahya Jaffrey also kept under supervision. Medical test reports of them were negative and the hospital authorities declared them completely healthy.

While taking Aal-e-Jafri said that his sons always took care of his health and hygiene and that is why he is now progressively recovered despite being infected with the Covid-19 virus.

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