Punjab government gives 50% grant on solar system for sprinkle and drip irrigation

Punjab agriculture department is giving 50 percent grant on fixing of solar system, for sprinkle and drip irrigation while the remaining costs are contributed by the beneficiary farmers. 

Punjab government gives 50% grant on solar system for sprinkle and drip irrigationThe purpose of this initiative is to fulfill the water deficiency and help in increasing agriculture productivity in the province of Punjab.

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Agriculture productivity in the province of Punjab suffers from low productivity due to poor farm management practices, high production costs, inadequate water availability and limited knowledge of using modern technologies for crop production. Small farmers are unable to make use of modern technologies due to their poor economic conditions and high initial cost of technologies. 

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According to assistant director agriculture department Naveed Asmat Kohloon said in statement that sprinkle and drip irrigation system is being presented at 20,000 acres of land in the Punjab.

The government of Punjab reserved Rs 3.68 billion for this project.  Sprinkle and Drip Irrigation with the help of solar system is of essential important for increasing agriculture productivity.

It will not only save water for irrigation but also improving the agriculture productivity. Naveed Asmat Kohloon further said that solar system will also assist in decreasing expenses on fuel and additionally it is also environmental friendly.

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He urged farmers to get in touch with Irrigation Department of the Punjab and gain benefits by getting special form for extending applications for subsidy.

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