Timesaco Online Cab Services Ready to Launch in Karachi with $600 Million Investment from Tatu Mobility

Tatu Mobility Chinese firm ready to invest $600 million in its Timesaco online cab services in Karachi. Tatu Mobility intends to restructure and digitize the transport system in Pakistan.

Timesaco Online Cab Service Ready to Launch in Karachi with $600 Million Investment from Tatu Mobility

Chinese technology giant Tatu Mobility is all set to launch its brand Timesaco operations in Pakistan. Ride and delivery services will start from Sindh provincial capital Karachi. Tatu Mobility plans to invest $600 million in Pakistan. The Timesaco online cab services are already available in twin cities Rawalpindi Islamabad and now extending its operations in Karachi.

Donal Li, founder and CEO of the company said, “Tatu Mobility is already satisfactorily providing delivery and ride services in Federal Capital and Rawalpindi city of Pakistan, and now widening its operation in Karachi. Tatu Mobility will start online cab services in other cities of Pakistan as well. This service will provide ease to commuters in its service regions in Pakistan. We are ready to commence our service in Karachi this month.”

He further expressed that in first phase the company plans to digitize the existing transport network, and later will provide commute and delivery services later this year.

Replying the question about market saturation and competition, he said that the offers will made to its business partners would set it apart from the others. Li said, “Tatu Mobility offers 97 percent share of receiving to its partners like drivers or captains of online ride service, while other companies are offering 70 to 75 percent”. Her further said, “We are tackling competition, and our focus is not just on the profit”.

Tatu Mobility wants to restructure and digitize the transport system and intends to invest $600 million in Pakistan transport sector which will be increased further depending upon the market situation.

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