Pakistan receives 1st shipment of locust control pesticides and equipment from China

Geng Shuang said commenting on supply of pesticides and spray equipment to relief Pakistan against locust attack that China and Pakistan were year-round friends and strategic partners. The two countries had a fine tradition of helping each other.

Pakistan receives 1st shipment of locust control pesticides and equipment from ChinaChinese foreign ministry spokesperson said China would support Pakistan in recovering a comprehensive pest control system and effectively improve its ability to stop and control biological disasters.

He stated during his regular briefing that seeing the urgency of locust control, China had transported a batch of locust control materials to Pakistan, including 50,000 litres of pesticides and 15 high-powered spray equipment of which the first shipment of supplies had arrived in Pakistan this morning.

He added that a new batch of Coronavirus test kits was also shipped on the same plane that transported the locust control supplies to Pakistan.

Shuang remarked that China believed that Pakistani government and people would be able to overcome the locust outbreak. We are ready to proceed  support, strengthen cooperation between the two sides in personnel training, experience sharing and technical support.

He said that Pakistan was presently fighting a severe locust attack and in order to help the country respond to the disaster, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs sent a team of professionals of disaster prevention and control to inspect the severely affected areas in Pakistan.

The professionals visited a number of disaster-stricken areas in Pakistan from Feb 23 to March 5 and directed in depth exchanges with relevant Pakistani departments, and proposed targeted measures.

He said the comprehensive strategy developed by China to fight the epidemic had been highly appreciated and recognized by Pakistan.

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