Government planned to convert 456 schools into STEM schools across the country

The present government has planned to convert 456 schools across the country into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) schools during this year in view of efforts for revolutionizing the education system in Pakistan

Government planned to convert 456 schools into STEM schools across the countrySpokesperson for Ministry of Science and Technology briefed media that 456 schools will be selected to start this project. Two schools from each district will selected for implementing the idea of upgrading science facilities according to the international standards in Pakistan however this number will be doubled next year.

He assured that this STEM schools project will be executed through the Ministry of Education, however, the Ministry of Science and Technology will extend every possible support for this project.

The spokesperson informed that two schools will be selected in each district and upgraded with state-of-the-art science related facilities for imparting science knowledge to the students in an effective manner.

The professors from the science departments of the top universities will design the syllabus for these STEM schools which would be in line with the basic modern standards of science education and deliver training to the teachers.

The students of these schools will be given the chance to visit the top science universities of the country for expansion of practical knowledge from their well-equipped laboratories.

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