Ufone arranged awareness session on Coronavirus for its employees

Pakistani telecom operator Ufone in collaboration with National Institute of Health (Pakistan) conducted a public awareness session on Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Ufone Tower in Islamabad.

Ufone arranged awareness session on Coronavirus for its employeesThe purpose of awareness session on Coronavirus (COVID-19) was to educate its employees about the pandemic, its symptoms and key preventative measures that should be taken on an individual level to avoid any risk.

Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan, Senior Scientific Officer and Focal Person for Infection Prevention, Control and Patient Safety (NIH, Pakistan) was invited to deliver the session. He highlighted some crucial global and local statistics related to the number of people being affected by the Coronavirus.

Dr Mumtaz stressed on the adoption of preventive measures such as regular washing of hands, avoiding close contact and covering mouth & nose while coughing and sneezing, in order to avoid the risk of contracting the disease. Demonstrations about certain safety precautions were also provided by the doctor so that participants could protect themselves well.

The session was also live streamed on the company’s internal communication portal so as to include staff from other regional offices including on field staff working around the country to maximize reach and make most of the people aware about the current situation regarding Coronavirus. The organizers invited people from other organizations which operate in Ufone tower as well to reap benefits from interactive session on Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization recently declared the global outbreak a Coronavirus pandemic owing to the growing number of patients around the world.

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