7 tips to boost your productivity during quarantine

Work from home is not a new phenomenon, like in prevailing situation of Covid-19, you are restricted to be in quarantine. 

7 tips to boost your productivity during quarantine

People work from home for many reasons. Maybe you love to as work as freelancer, possibly you’re a parent or you’re finding space for your new office. Maybe you’re restricted to be in quarantine because of prevailing situation of Covid-19.

Whatsoever the purpose of “telecommuting” you should have to ensure being productive, healthy and happy while doing work from home.

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Work from home sounds like a heaven but coupled with pretty good challenges like connectivity, discomforts, home distractions and all but it is a need of time. Here the point comes how to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

It is just essential for home workers, you have to draw margins among personal and work life. Here are tips for those who are working from home in those days.

Keep consistent hours

Make a schedule and stick to it. In designated hours work, and stop when these hours are over. In this way you have time to work and time for rest as well. It really doesn’t that there is extra flexibility with your personal life schedule. Just stick to a schedule where you can be productive and relax.

Schedule morning routine

Routine is the thing which keeps us mentally and physical prepare for the chores which needs to be done. Specially morning routine can greatly help you get ready for the day work at home.

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Schedule breaks

Giving yourself a break and letting your body and mind relax is very important whether you’re working in office or at home. Don’t forget to give yourself 15 minutes short break. Researchers have proofed that breaks can really significantly increase output levels and ability to focus on.

Make list to do

You’re your own motivator while working from home. You have to rely on your own inspiration to complete the work task. Making list to do is a great way to begin with. If you’re feeling over burden, re-schedule what needs to be done immediately and what can be delayed.

Go outside home

It is very important to leave home for giving yourself new space for breathing or exercise. Body needs to move, want fresh air and new environment for doing a lot of new good things.

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Do not work in PJs

This is the one and only reason why people love working from home. If it so then you’re killing your productivity. “Dress for success” is not just a corporate slogan, it actually matters when you’re doing work from home.

Eat your healthy meal

In working office you’re on the mercy of available food in offices’ canteen. Whereas work from home truth is that you have full access to the kitchen. So, when it’s time for lunch or a snack break, you are instantly grab the favorite snacks, such as chips, cookies, or leftover pizza.

As soon as you start practicing these guidelines your work from home routine will be streamlined and boost your productivity.

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