Prime Minister made Corona Relief Tigers Force for assisting government in Covid-19 outbreak

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government has decided to set up a Corona Relief Tigers Force which would enroll youth volunteers from across the country to help in dealing with Covid-19 relief efforts.

Prime Minister made Corona Relief Tigers Force for assisting government in Covid-19 outbreakPrime Minister Imran Khan made the announcement while addressing journalists in Islamabad.

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He further said we have a large youth population in our country which is our plus point we need them in the fight against Covid-19. We reminded everyone that we have the world’s second largest youth population which is a great source of strength for the nation. 

He informed that registrations for the relief force would begin from March 31 with the citizen’s portal.

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He explained that it is important to understand that when China imposed a lockdown, it delivered food to people’s residence. We did not have any such infrastructure for this we are setting for Corona Tigers Relief Force for delivering food and other necessities to people through them.

The corona relief tigers will be sent all over Pakistan. We will map out where there is a spike in cases and these tigers will be sent to those areas to deliver essential supplies.

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He added that although Covid-19 had not spread as widely in Pakistan as in some western countries, there was “no guarantee” that Covid-19 cases would not rise sharply in the country in coming weeks. He said that the government was getting ready for the worst-case scenario.

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