Workers of Wapda donating salary of one day in a Corona Fund

The All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) has said to the prime minister of Pakistan, the federal minister for energy and Wapda chairman that the workers employed in Wapda/electricity distribution companies are ready to donate salary of one day in a Corona fund.

Workers of Wapda donating salary of one day in a Corona FundThe Prime Minister announced the establishment of the Corona Fund for receiving charitable donations so that the underprivileged can be looked after and to push the country out of the economic crisis during lock down due to Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

Account in the State Bank of Pakistan opened for Corona Fund where donations are collected from national and international community. This fund will be an added source to help people buy essential items for their families during this critical time.

General Secretary of the Electric Workers Union Khurshid Ahmad has informed the prime minister, and federal energy minister and the Wapda chairman about the decision was taken by the union representing 140,000 workforce engaged in Wapda/electricity distribution companies all over the country. Meanwhile, the union has contributed Rs200,000 to the fund from its small resources.

He also appealed to the Wapda/electricity workers to take full care of their health in the wake of threat of Coronavirus spread in a country.

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