Businesses urged from Govt for recognizing internet access as basic fundamental right

People working at the National Incubation Centre in Lahore have urged from government of Pakistan that businesses and civil society to recognize internet access as a basic fundamental right.

Businesses urged from Govt for recognizing internet access as basic fundamental right

Internet rights groups have warned that the digital divide is likely to widen structural inequalities in Pakistan amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

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They say services and resources will concentrate among the already connected, leaving behind those who are most vulnerable to economic and social upheaval.

Digital Rights Foundation and Bolo Bhi, a civil society organization engaged in advocacy, policy and research in digital rights said in a joint statement that an uncritical embrace of technology should not ignore the fact that access to these technologies is still a luxury for many and provision of the internet is very low in countries such as Pakistan.

Further stated that we urge from the government, businesses and civil society for recognizing internet access as a basic fundamental right in a country. This reorganization also done by the United Nations as far back as 2011 when the UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression stated that all member states have an obligation to ensure unrestricted access to the internet.

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Groups said we are requesting to all internet service providers for reducing the cost of internet packages; conversely, increasing rates during a pandemic is unconscionable and amounts to profiteering during a public emergency.

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