HBL launches scamming fraud prevention awareness drive

Larger number of HBL card holder registered complaints against scamming fraud through receiving massages on their mobile phones by unknown number.

HBL targets Telenor to highlight scamming fraud

HBL while addressing the problems of its customers, prepared a message which said “Dear customers your HBL card has been blocked. Please call at 0345xxxxxxx.” Here message end and SCAM screen appears, as seen in advertisement below.

HBL official said in a statement that somebody is running a scam against HBL and people are receiving fake calls and messages in the name of HBL. If client receive any of such calls or messages from any private number, please inform at HBL Phone Banking helpline 021-111-111-425.

Marketing executive of the HBL Naveed Asghar told media that there was no need to create panic among clients. He requested the clients that never respond to any messages or call from random numbers.

He further said that limited number of customers affected with this scamming fraud and we must check it and find the culprits. This activity happens in all countries that use ATMs.

He informed that our management was in contact with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding this scamming fraud.

Pakistan’s first and largest bank HBL has grown its branch network to over 1,700 branches, +2,000 ATMs and serving 20 million customers in 15 countries. The Bank’s multiple digital channels are helping it get closer to its customers through innovative and frictionless ways.

All mobile phone operators along with Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) also offering their fraud detection and prevention services. PTA ensures the protection and facilitation to the users.

Beware and stay safe from any calls or SMS based on fraud, deception or obnoxious in nature. Immediately lodge a complaint against them with service provider through available mechanisms.

Helpline number of cellular mobile operators are: Jazz 111, Telenor 345 Ufone 333, Zong 310.

As per PTA regulations, indulging into generating obnoxious, unsolicited and fraudulent communication may head to termination of services, blockage of mobile handset, or initiation of legal proceedings as per applicable law.

4 thoughts on “HBL launches scamming fraud prevention awareness drive

  • May 13, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    Sir , I have onlined to an account name Ahsan 02117901011903 (HBL)
    Ahsan kindly need information about this person .
    He is scammer

  • September 14, 2020 at 11:12 am

    Hi this is Zaid sheikh from Lahre pakistan ! i want to share with you that today i have received a fake call from HBL he said i am from HBL headquarter Karachi their is some of issue we have blocked your debit card due to some hacking so we want you to activate your card buy entering new pin cord so kindly share with us your old pin cord .and he knows my CNIC number too and he want me to tell my debit pin cord but i didn’t share with him i have recorded his voice call kindly trace him and catch him a.s.a.p this is fraud and you should trace their number (0021111111425) and (00190897989234911) kindly take action on this and resolve it this will be helpful for those to who do not have awareness about scam calls

  • December 26, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Sir my uncle becomes the victim of this fraud could you guide us what would we do to get our money back
    We call the HBL branch and they told us to block our debbit card


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