Pakistan’s education system needs to be updated

The education system needs to be revised according to the modern needs and let’s invest in education because it is in everybody’s interest

Education is in crisis nowadays. A lot of children are out of schools but students that are in school regularly lack proper instructions and resources. Our education system is not preparing youngsters to cope with future challenges and bring progress to their communities and nation-states.

Schooling has been the most important in a person’s life. It shapes the people to become the valuable assets of the society but now this education system seems to be outdated. Traditionally companies need employees that have relevant skills but it is now the era of innovation now they need thinkers and innovators.

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Our education system is built on the industrial revolution, it just focusses on memorization capability. But we need a decent mix of IQ (Knowledge), EQ (passionate insight) and resilience that is needed to unleash students potential

Accessing our current education system against three criteria – work availability, capacity to go up against shrewd machines for occupations and making long haul financial worth reveals that about 34% of the children think that their schools are not preparing them for jobs.

The gap between academia and industries need to be bridged. We need to create job creators rather than job seekers. We need to teach our students about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Student debt will be a big problem in the future. Even Barack Obama was paying his student loans until 40. Many people are paying their student loans until their retirement that crushes their ability to save, buy homes and supporting their families. In order to change the education system, we also need to increase its accessibility to all the children. Currently, 72 million children are unable to get primary education, and about 750 million adults are illiterate. They are unable to support their families and build their carriers.

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Access implies guaranteeing students whatever the conditions are they will be provided education. Accessibility to schooling is low in many developing nations, however, imbalances additionally exist inside created nations that are exceptionally stratified socially, for instance, in the UK. How would we make training/learning progressively available? What job would technology be able to play? By what method can nations, especially creating ones, clutch top ability to guarantee financial advancement?

Equity implies guaranteeing each youngster has the assets expected to get the opportunity to class and to flourish, paying little mind to condition. While equality implies treating each understudy the equivalent; value implies ensuring each understudy has the help they should be effective. The fundamental drivers are decency (guaranteeing that individual and social conditions don’t keep understudies from accomplishing their scholastic potential); and consideration (setting an essential least standard for all understudies paying little mind to foundation, sex or area). This prompts a few inquiries: how would you bring issues to light in networks? What job would technology be able to play in making customized and separated adapting so all understudies get the sort of guidance they have to succeed?

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It is in everybody’s interest to solve the global crisis. So updating our education system is crucial. Investing in education resources are drivers for socio-economic development. It would open the gate of opportunities for all whether men or women, poor or rich. So let’s commit to change our learning methods and ways of schooling. Let the education accessible for all. Let it update according to the needs of the 21st century.

Ahsan Ali Ali

Ahsan Ali

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