SIUT performed about 5000 organ transplants: Adib Rizvi

Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant (SIUT), founded by Dr. Adib Rizvi is a ray of hope for terminal ill, helpless and hapless humanity. SIUT is also serving coronavirus patients efficiently and impatiently.

SIUT performed about 5000 organ transplants Adib Rizvi

A model of free health care in urology, kidney and liver transplants, Sindh Institute of Urology and transplantation (SIUT) founded by Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi as a department of urology at the government-run Civil Hospital in 1970 and became self-ruling in 1991. So far nearly 5,000 free organ transplants have been done, in addition to 750 dialysis sessions daily.

Working quietly until government and media forced SIUT for information with statistics for reference purposes, Dr. Rizvi created medical history with Pakistan’s first cadaver kidney transplant in 1995.

In October 1998 SIUT put Pakistan in the comity of nations where cadaver organ transplantation is a reality. SDIUT carried out the first liver transplant in Pakistan in November 2003. In 2017, SIUT performed 5,500 transplants of kidney, cornea and liver. Economical expenditure and post-transplant medications follow-ups are bared by SIUT.

When Dr. Adib Rizvi, founder of the SIUT, says health care is the birthright irrespective of caste, color or creed, he believes in this philosophy to be implemented in such letter and spirit that not only bring cheer and hope in the sinking and nasty lives of the sick and impoverished but also enlighten over the national horizon as a model of health care for the helpless and hapless.

The proposition “so able, so noble, so humble, so gentle”, is earnestly so befitting for Dr. Rizwi that despite countless local, national and international laurels and honors, he is engrossed round-the-clock in transplanting hope by guiding, supervising and delivering one of the world’s best models of health care for ailing humanity.

Straight from the heart as routine and passion, Dr. Wasim Khan of the Social Welfare and Rehabilitation and Media & Outreach Departments of the hospital briefs about the history and philosophy of SIUT.

He explains why and how the treatment provided at SIUT is completely “free”, highlights the very untiring struggle of Dr. Adib Rizvi and his team. SIUT has 10 separate units where 2.6 million patients were treated in the previous year, shares information on organ donation program besides dialysis and pediatrics facilities for the public.

During the coronavirus attack, SIUT established a Corona Clinic, over 3000 people have been screened for Corona. Over 300 have been screened within a couple of days. SIUT also established a CORONA ICU where serious patients are being treated.

A 50 bedded isolation ward is set up for corona patients, where mild to moderate patients are to be admitted. Dr. Adeeb Rizvi believes it is imperative to use preventive measures against the pandemic of the dreadful coronavirus.

SIUT founder said that doctors and hospital staff need protective kits for treating coronavirus patients for which all possible and urgent steps are being taken.

Dr. Rizvi believes that what will InshaAllah defeat coronavirus is emotional maturity, the seriousness of purpose and penetrative thinking at the local, regional and national levels, sharing and caring friends of Pakistan, preventive and precautionary measures, and above all, heads down and hands up seeking Allah’ s forgiveness and blessings.

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