Forbes “30 under 30 Asia list” features a Pakistani student

Pakistani student Bilal Bin Saqib from Lahore get featured in Forbes magazine among brilliant Asians

Pakistani student Bilal Bin Saqib belongs to Lahore who has recently graduated from the London School of economics get featured in Forbes magazine among brilliant Asians mainly of his project of providing clean water to thousands of people in Sindh and Baluchistan.

While talking to the media person he was honored to be made part of the list. “I am honored that I was able to make Pakistan proud. I have been chosen by Forbes for helping the water-deprived communities in Pakistan,” he said.

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Forbes mentioned that Bilal bin Saqib has founded a social organization named “tayaba”. This organization provides clean water to the people of Pakistan. One of the most important initiatives is the “H2O wheel”.

It is basically a plastic wheel that helps to reduce the burden on women and children carrying water in rural areas of Pakistan. The wheel can carry up to 40 liters of water, which is eight to 10 times more than what a mud pot (traditionally used to carry water) can hold.”

Saqib born in Lahore and got his initial education from Lahore Grammar School (LGS). He went to the Queen Mary University of London for his undergrad followed by masters at the London School of Economics.

He launched this project almost four years ago aimed to solve Pakistan’s water problems. He told that women carry this burden for miles and this wheel will help to alleviate that burden and also increases its water carrying capacity. He said, “the idea originated when I traveled to West Africa, where people were pushing water in plastic containers with steel bars attached.”

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He further added that his organization has helped almost 5500 families by providing them with H20 wheel in rural areas of Sindh. Due to lockdown, he was unable to provide H20 wheel to people. Now he has started a project of One Million Meals, an initiative to provide free food to health workers in order to help them fight against corona.

He believes that he might not able to save lives but he can provide lifesavers with food. So far, One Million Meals has provided thousands of meals to over 30 hospitals in the UK, with demand from over 70 hospitals.

He said “I didn’t give up. I knew if I gave up, that would be my real failure. I tried harder every time I was told ‘You cannot do it’. I remained persistent, hitting the same rock knowing that one day it will break and it did after years of struggle. I am awarded with highly commendable Masters Student of the Year, 2019,” he said.

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Saqib was also awarded “Highly Commended Masters Student of the Year 2019” by FindAMasters, a global database for Masters degree programs. This award was presented for the contributions made by Saqib on his campus. FindAMasters says on its website, “Our Master’s student of the year award honors highly motivated students who exceptional competence and curiosity in their studies.”

LSEs’ Students congratulate him on his success. He aims to get back to Pakistan and serve his motherland in his maximum capacity.

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